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{{Puzzle| PIECES=1000| PIECESR=1000| TITLE-E=Venicia| TITLE-S=Venecia <br>Venice <br>Venise <br>Venezia <br>Veneza| PRODUCER=Educa| YEAR=1990| GENRE=Cities| ARTNR=7726| GTIN=8411349077264| ARTIST=Sallent hermanos| SHAPE=Landscape| SIZEC=68,0 x 48,0| SIZEP=| STATE=ygr}}
{{Puzzle| PIECES=1000| PIECESR=1000| TITLE-E=Venice| TITLE-S=Venecia<br>Venise<br>Venezia<br>Veneza| PRODUCER=Educa| YEAR=1990| GENRE=Cities| ARTNR=7726| GTIN=8411349077264| SHAPE=Landscape| SIZEC=68,0 x 48,0| STATE=yyr}}
{{InCollections|F|Venedig|N|1000 Venice}}

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Data Picture of box Picture of puzzle
Template:Puzzle/SIZEP fehlt
Pieces 1000
Pieces, real 1000
Title, eng. Venice
Title, others Venecia
Genres Cities
Producer Educa
Article number 7726
GTIN-Code 8411349077264
Released 1990
Shape Landscape
Box Educa
Size [cm] 68,0 x 48,0
State Quality data Quality box picture Quality puzzle picture
1000 Venice (6).jpg

In collections

Family: Venedig (F)
Name identical: 1000 Venice (N)