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{{Puzzle| PIECES=500| TITLE-D=Karneval in Trinidad| PRODUCER=Ravensburger| ARTNR=15463| SERIES=Rondo| SHAPE=Round| STATE=yrr}}
{{Puzzle| PIECES=500| PIECESR=500| TITLE-D=Karneval in Trinidad| TITLE-E=Carnival in Trinidad| TITLE-S=Karnevale di Trinidad<br>Carnaval à Trinidad| PRODUCER=Ravensburger| YEAR=-| GENRE=People| ARTNR=15463| GTIN=-| ARTIST=-| SERIES=Rondo| SHAPE=Round| SIZEC=48,5| SIZEP=Irregular| REMARKS=Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg. Made in Western-Germany| STATE=ygy}}

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Das Puzzlebild hat Fehlteile.
Data Picture of box Picture of puzzle
Pieces 500
Pieces, real 500
Title, ger. Karneval in Trinidad
Title, eng. Carnival in Trinidad
Title, others Karnevale di Trinidad
Carnaval à Trinidad
Genres People
Producer Ravensburger
Article number 15463
GTIN-Code ohne GTIN
Released Year unknown
Artist unknown artist
Puzzle series Rondo
Shape Round
Box Ravensburger
Size [cm] 48,5
Size [Pieces] Irregular
State Quality data Quality box picture Quality puzzle picture
500 Karneval in Trinidad.jpg
500 Karneval in Trinidad1.jpg
Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg. Made in Western-Germany