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Puzzles in daily life

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Jigsaw and puzzle pieces also meet us in our everyday life. On this page we would like to present a small selection.

Puzzle pieces as an everyday object

Puzzle pieces can be used with their special form as an everyday object. In the following example, the cutting die for butter cookies has the shape of a puzzle piece.

Cutting die in a shape of a puzzle piece

Puzzle pieces in the art

Sometimes the puzzle pieces are not visible immediately, so that they can be noticed only after a close look. In the collage "a ghost sleeping in my bed" by the artist David Caspar (Homepage) the impressions of two puzzle pieces were processed.

The drawing "a ghost sleeping in my bed" by David Caspar

Puzzle pieces as jewelery

For example, puzzle pieces can also serve as ornaments or decorations. The following figure shows a key pendant made of metal with two jigsaw pieces and the print "YOU" and "ME". The two puzzle pieces can be loosely connected and have no fixed cohesion.

Key chain with two puzzle pieces

Puzzle parts in postcards/letters

There are different manufacturers which offer jigsaw puzzles for sending as a postcard or mailing. The recipient can assemble the corresponding motif after receipt, in addition the letter can also be attached with a covering letter. Here is an example of a Japanese manufacturer who sells their products under the name "Greeting Puzzle".

Japanese Traditional Art "Greeting Puzzle"

Postage stamps

Austria, comic stamp blocks: each 4 stamps

Puzzle of chocolate

There is no further information available for this jigsaw puzzle, because neither the manufacturer nor the date of expiry nor the ingredients were listed on the box.